2017 Stuff for Female Mountain Bikers

Coverage on female-specific products at Interbike 2016 can be pretty scattered, and with different brands showing at Eurobike a little earlier, I thought I’d do us all a favor and gather them into one post. All information and pictures have been gleaned from Pinkbike, Total Women’s Cycling and Enduro MTB.

The products I’ve found are loosely grouped into categories, beginning with…


Bell’s range of helmets for women is called Joyride. Seems like the range uses the same shell and fit as their main line (which incidentally has been updated with a revised fit and retention system), but has different colors and printed designs.



Sombrio’s gone pattern-heavy with their 2017 range, which also features new technical fabric.

The short-sleeved jerseys in the center will not actually have the breast pockets by the time they hit the shelves.

Zoic has listened to all the female voices asking for more options and put out a pretty wide range for 2017.

Thankfully, it looks like they’ve got solid colored options for those of us who aren’t fans of patterns.

Primal is venturing off road into mountain bike territory, and they’re putting out a women’s line for 2017. Here’s a sampling:


This kit is called Alpine Camo and if I were wearing this, I’d want to disappear into my surroundings too.

A little more subtle is Pearl Izumi’s women’s kit for 2017. Safe, non-offensive stuff. Called Launch, the jerseys are available in both short and 3/4-sleeved options.

Sweet Protection is also offering women’s kit for 2017. Featured here is their Enduro range called Hunter.


Giro’s women’s line-up is looking pretty alright. The cut and style look good, and they’re offering charcoal grey/black to the seemingly standard turquoise and pink.

Giro at Eurobike.


Scott’s showing at Interbike vs Eurobike was a bit different. This first pair was shown at Interbike…

And these were from Eurobike. They seem a bit different. Or maybe the European mannequins just wear ’em better.

Alpinestars is winning with their women’s line called Stella. Instead of shrinking & pinking or using stereotypically feminine cues, they’re simply making riding clothes cut for women.

I’ve not heard of Zimstern before, but they’ve got some bright colors and designs for the ladies.

Liv continues to get it right with strong colors and cuts in their women’s apparel line. Thanks, Liv, for not turquoise-ing, pinking, and cursive-ing the hell out of everything.

I really like what Yeti has put together for the women’s line. Is it weird to wear clothes from a different bike brand?

If you like how well IXS protects your pointy bits (I mean your knees and elbows, what were you thinking?), check out their mix-and-match apparel selection.

Ion is by far my favorite brand for bike clothes. I can’t seem to find many good pics of their show presence, but here’s what I found anyway. They got a few more pics up on the US site, but even that doesn’t seem complete.


Maloja continues making quality, quirky cool clothes for women bikers.


Zoic has launched a range of shoes for flat pedals called Rhoam, available for both men and women, but here’s the stuff for us girls. The shoes feature a suede and mesh upper, and rubber soles made of Zoic’s proprietary ‘HookUp’ compound.

Those are some nice colorways!

I’m a fan of Five Ten shoes, and I can’t wait to try out their new, slimmer fit in their women’s shoes. Their Freerider will apparently have a stiffer sole too. Bit sad about that. I liked the Freerider because it allowed me to ‘feel’ my pedals and what’s going on down there.

Pearl Izumi have put out a new women’s clipless shoe called the XProject Elite that features a flexible toe.

Giro. I don’t know what else to say about these. Oh, they’re for clipless users.


I don’t know anything about clipless shoes but aesthetically, these ones from Scott for 2017 are probably the most pleasing women’s clipless shoes I’ve come across. Left: MTB Comp. Right: MTB Elite.




Pearl Izumi has included gloves in their new women’s kit line up. These gloves feature light padding at the knuckles for when you get so excited on the trail, you fist bump trees.


Giro’s got a lighter, barely there option for women who aren’t as friendly with trees as I am.


Yeti’s got a glove to go with their brand new ladies’ line.


Terry has introduced a women-specific saddle. It looks a lot like WTB’s Deva, at least in this picture.


More seat options! Not sure if Scott sells these apart from their bikes, though.


Ryders Eyewear has a pretty sweet-looking pair of sunnies for women in 2017; this one is called Katja. Don’t know if you can wear that on trail though, seems more appropriate for lounging around with a beer after a ride.


Slytech has got your back. Haha. Here’s their female-specific back protector, though to be honest, I can’t see much detail in the pictures.

For more information on each of the products, click through and read these posts from Pinkbike: this, this, this, thisthis and this.

Additional Eurobike women’s coverage from here and here.

So, what do we think? Do we like what 2017 holds for our mountain biking wardrobe? If you have seen other brands’ women’s mtb lines that are not featured here, send them to me or leave them in the comments section. I’d like to put together another post featuring them!

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