…you can dust it off and try again.

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Really wish I could say I was doing a nose wheelie off a drop.

This picture of me is probably my most memorable bike-related picture ever—look closely; I’m still smiling as I’m going over the handlebars.

Full disclosure: After I failed on this new-to-me drop for the second time, endo-ing in a similarly spectacular manner, I was pissed. I was so f-cking angry, I was tempted to get up and do it for a third time. (Obviously, I didn’t.)

I was mad that I failed. Mad because I know I can do it. Mad because now I’m going to have a bit of fear going into drops and I’m going to have to spend time and effort to get over it to get me back to at least where I was before. I was afraid that I would ride down a familiar trail and fear the drops and jumps I used to love so much.

But this morning, I’m not mad anymore. I’m actually feeling really pumped to start over again. Because you know what? I haven’t always loved doing drops and jumps. There was a time that I used to come to a screeching halt before them and creep down or around them. And if I could get over that fear once, I can do it again. And every time I start the process over, I’m ‘dusting off’ my fundamentals, getting more solid in my foundation skills—becoming a stronger rider—so that situations like in the above picture don’t happen again. (Or at least a lot less frequently.)

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  1. Angela says:

    Mad respect for trying again. Must admit my throats and heart was in my mouth watching it happen. But love your determination to get over it! Look forward to seeing a similar video with a different ending.


  2. Quan says:

    Falling means that at least you tried! I’ve accepted the bumps and bruises… just pushing the limits and learning in the process. Good for you!


    1. Grace Chua says:

      I know it’s a given that all bikers fall some time, but it’s always nice to hear it from another rider. Thank you for taking the time to leave some kind words, Quan!

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