My first bike interview!

I’m laughing inside at how much this sounds like a grade school assignment but I don’t know how else I should title it. It is what it is: My very first interview on mountain biking. Josie Smith, a rider and blogger, contacted me out of the blue to ask if I wanted to do an email interview on my #bikelife. How could I say no to the chance to wax lyrical on what I love?

Josie’s Bike Life is where she talks about her bike/life journey, and also where she covers other women’s stories. I remember how I first chanced upon it—I’d had my first bad crash and I was googling something like “bike crash recovery”, and the interviews Josie’s done with other female riders came up. I started reading them and loved how, in a world where female biker voices are small, there’s a place where women go on at length about the same issues, concerns and joys as I have.

I had a lot of fun with this interview, mostly because I find it hard to talk about myself at such depth unless someone else is doing the digging. It was almost… cathartic. Here are some quotes I’m surprised came out of my usually-potty mouth:

On how discovering my #bikelife changed me:
“It taught me to stop playing the victim. In life, it’s easy to blame circumstances, luck or other people. In mountain biking, it’s hard to blame anyone or anything else but yourself for when things go wrong*. That tree, that rock, those roots; they’ve been there and don’t move.”

On what advice the now me would give the newbie rider me:
“I tell myself that I am my own best competitor. Nobody else had the same starting block and journey as me, so it wouldn’t be fair to compare myself to them. I can only be better than I was last month, last year.”

If you want to get inside my head, click here and read the interview.


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