kittenwheels: the back story

i was never an athletic person; friends from my school years are constantly surprised at how outdoorsy and into biking i am now.

i learnt to ride a bike very late. i was 16 before i learnt to balance on two wheels. other than a short season that same year in which i would pedal around my neighborhood, i never continued with it after learning.

then when i was 23, i met the love of my life who also loved mountain biking. he figured the only way he could spend his weekends guilt-free was to get me into biking too. he bought me a hardtail, and i learnt how to ride dirt roads. a year or so later, he bought me a full-suspension mountain bike—a Yeti 575—but the mountain biking bug hadn’t really gone full blown yet; it was hard to get into anything outside of work because work left very little of us for other things.

we would ride now and then, and we easily let MONTHS go by without a ride. because of how irregularly we rode, my singletrack skills were close to non-existent, and my fitness was near zero. if and when we rode, i mostly preferred fire roads (wth was i thinking?!), each ride was no longer than about 7 miles, and the elevation was negligible. i even preferred running to biking back then. (can you believe it?!)

i knew i loved the outdoors, though. and i loved the idea of adventuring on a bike, so 6 years later, on a whim, we decided to go to Whistler Bike Park in August of 2012. that’s when we fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. in the summer of 2013, we moved to the Sunshine Coast, BC, where the Husband took a course in mountain bike operations.

and there in the misty forests of BC is where my journey on two wheels really began. i remember our first ride to the Big Tree network in Sechelt, Sunshine Coast. i only got as far as the trailhead before my legs and lungs gave up on me, and i turned around to go home. the picture on this page is from August 2013, literally weeks after we first set foot on the Sunshine Coast. i look so awkward on a bike there!

at this time of writing, it’s been almost 3 years since i began mountain biking proper and boy have i lots to tell you.

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